Staying in the Portland Neighborhood They Love

Staying in the Portland Neighborhood They Love

“It was a tall order, but we felt like we were in the best hands. There was not one day during the entire year-long project when we weren’t happy to see Right Angle here.”
– Jenn Campbell

This home was designed by Gusto! Design Studio

When it came time to transform the Portland family home that Joe Campbell grew up in, his wife Jenn tells us the goal was to “achieve a home that we could live in the rest of our lives that felt more like us… a tall order!” This is precisely the style of challenge we enjoy, and we were eager to collaborate with the family on this fantastic project.

“From viewing the Right Angle website and seeing your work in magazines and around town, we knew that you could make this happen at a very high quality level,” Jenn says. “We felt like we were in the best hands.”

The Campbell family was committed to finding a way to make this house work for them, for the long haul. “One of the best ways this project transformed our home is that we get to stay here, in our Portland neighborhood, near those we love and care about. We love this space and our neighbors. The old house served the neighborhood well for decades but we just would not have been able to stay here in the state it was. We think our new home is beautiful and in line with the old neighborhood in style and design. That was really important to us.”

The house started with only one closet and no cabinets at all – for a family of four. Now one of Jenn’s favorite features is the storage. “The house has a ton of amazing storage on all levels,” she says. “There are plenty of places to keep everything we need.”

The project was big – a complete tear down and new construction – and took a full year to complete, but the Campbells were ready for the challenge. “Sometimes people complain about how long the work takes, or how messy or expensive it is. We knew that, we resigned ourselves to that part. The part that surprised me was the myriad details. When you build a home the details matter and there are so very many!”

Jenn says knowing those details was so important, “All that may sound funny, but for us this house is where we will live for a very long time. We’re not the kind of people who will just swap out a countertop after five years. It had to be one that stands the test of time – in fact the whole house had to be that! So the hardest part was making sure all the details were remembered, taken seriously, and well thought out. From the first phase of construction to the last light bulb that was screwed in, we felt a part of the process.”

Jenn says one of the most surprising results of the whole house rebuild is how accurately the planned design came to life. “It looks exactly as it was drawn. That is nearly a miracle to us. In the process of building a house so many things need to come into play and be near perfect for the homeowner’s ultimate satisfaction. Right Angle only uses the very best subcontractors. Their own crew is so incredibly talented and respectful. We are pleased beyond measure that it was made with such care. It is a custom home built with high quality materials, and meets high standards.”

Jenn says she and Joe also really loved getting to know the Right Angle Construction team. “We recommend Right Angle often! I just have to take a moment to thank Martin and Juan from Bristle & Hue. They were like magicians painting this home. I loved how they worked; so quiet and unassuming yet somehow, over time, the house was painted beautifully! We also loved working with Dionicio, Cody and Jeremy from Right Angle. They hung from rafters, installed windows and nailed every nail into this structure. We loved having them here with their laughter and positive energy.”

The family of four is busy. Joe is an emergency room doctor. Jenn runs the household and the kids’ school art program. The kids are constantly active with projects, piano and sports. The Campbells live directly behind Joe’s family and they share one big back yard. “Our kids are so lucky to grow up with all these amazing grandparents nearby who are such good role models for them,” Jenn says, “This is part of why we decided to renovate our property instead of moving somewhere else.”

“We had such a good experience having our home entirely rebuilt. We love our new home. I cannot say enough about the Right Angle Construction crew. They are the very best group of people. They work hard, they listen, they are artists, they are good communicators and they are respectful. There is not one day that passed during the entire year-long project when we were not happy to see them here. They are a talented group of people.”

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