Karla Devoe on Preserving her Older Home

Karla Devoe on Preserving her Older Home

When Karla and her husband Maurice decided to update their house to be more functional, they wanted to ensure they didn’t lose the original feel of the older home that they so dearly loved, so they turned to Right Angle Construction for assistance. This remodel was designed by Emerick Architects.

Karla, formerly the co-owner of QUIN Candy, is a busy person and taking on a remodel project seemed overwhelming. Though it was daunting at first, Karla says working with the Right Angle Construction team was actually rather effortless.

“We were given clear estimates that made it easy to see where adjustments would be made,” she explains. “It was great meeting all the subcontractors before work started to feel like everyone was well informed of the plan.”

Karla also adds that she enjoyed working with the Right Angle Construction team. “They were all so friendly, helpful and clean. We even got many compliments from our neighbors about how great all the workers were!”

Karla says the project turned out wonderfully.

“The house is now AMAZING. There is so much space and it’s very bright. This looks and feels like an old home but everything functions like a modern home.”

Karla says she’s most pleased with how the master bedroom turned out.

“The sunroom was transformed into our master bedroom. It is now so cozy and beautiful. It feels like being in a treehouse or a cabin!”

Karla was impressed that the project was seamless – with a great team who collaborated on her dream home.

“Emerick Architects made it very easy for the plans to be translated into construction. Every detail was considered before the work began. Emerick and Right Angle Construction worked together so nicely.”

Karla loves Portland. She’s fond of the old homes and trees that adorn her NE neighborhood. When she’s not busy running QUIN, she enjoys entertaining friends in her lovely home, working in the garden, spending time with her dogs and eating delicious food.

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