Dunthorpe | A Wade Pipes Rescue
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A gorgeous home with clean lines and a modernist feel, this house was originally designed by notable Portland architect Wade Pipes.

Remodel designed by Gusto Design Studio. Here’s how they describe this project:

This house was a diamond in the rough. Built in the late 1950’s, this Wade Pipes designed house had suffered major water damage and needed repair. The owner was torn between a complete re-build or a renovation of the existing house. In the end, we couldn’t ignore the good bones and simple design aesthetic of the original house. It was decided that we would restore the features worth keeping and improve the elements that did not work.

The biggest weakness was the tiny “U” shaped kitchen that connected to a hallway and had a small window looking at the driveway. The kitchen was moved to the brighter side of the house and a large double slider was installed that connects to a new outdoor patio and the larger garden.

One of the toughest problems was figuring out how to replace the beautiful original steel sash windows and doors with modern windows that maintained the aesthetic. In addition to finding an appropriate window solution, we were able to salvage the character-defining steel sliding doors and re-purpose them as room dividers and a shower glass panel.

The final result is a house that maintains the original soul of the house but also opened the whole house to the outdoors.

We hope that Wade Pipes would approve.