Remodeling kitchens is one of our specialties. We know how much time a homeowner spends in the kitchen, and getting every detail perfect is of utmost importance. Making the space beautiful and functional is our special icing on the cake!

Remodel designed by Gusto Design Studio. Here’s what they say about this remarkable project:

This Eastmoreland kitchen is a busy place.  Not only is it the daily hub of this on-the go family of five, it plays host to team parties, family gatherings and other impromptu get-togethers.

The clients had thought a lot about what they wanted from their renovated kitchen:  more counter space, more storage and better lighting within the existing kitchen footprint.  They wanted a contemporary functioning kitchen designed with the traditional styling of their 1920s home and they wanted it to be light, open and welcoming.  With that in mind, we made some minor changes to the traffic flow and extended the countertop next to the oven to add work space, additional storage and a casual dining area.  A new decorative column and dropped beams help define the kitchen from the adjacent family room.

The result is a more functional and seemingly larger kitchen within the existing kitchen footprint.