Perched on a Hillside, Old Meets New

Perched on a Hillside, Old Meets New

The Silver-Klapstein family presented us with a unique project: add to a gorgeous 1910 craftsman home that was perched on a hillside overlooking downtown Portland. The architect’s designs were detailed and building on the hillside was a challenge, but the results are stunning.

This uniquely American home style features intricate wooden details and the family wanted to retain that welcoming charm.

We set about a huge project to add on a garage and studio space that would integrate seamlessly with the rest of the home while creating ample room for guests, storage and a workshop. The steep incline of the hillside presented complex design and building challenges.

Janet Klapstein says she’s so pleased with how the project turned out. “The new construction is a perfect match with the 1910 residence!”

She says she really enjoyed working with the Right Angle Construction team. “They were great crews. Max in particular, was just fantastic!”

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